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While fluorescent lighting may suffice in your working area, light-emitting diodes (LED) perform better. Commercial LED lighting is a rapidly developing sector that serves a diverse range of businesses. Business owners are eager to replace their existing fluorescent lighting systems with LED alternatives. When it comes to lighting upgrades, LEDs go beyond cosmetic enhancements. Indoor LEDs are used to illuminate modular instruments, task lighting, trunking systems, and ceiling and wall luminaires. When it comes to outdoor illumination, there are LEDs developed expressly for street lights, parking lots, garages, and pathways. Queens Commercial LED lighting professionals, United Energy Solutions have you completely covered.

Queens LED Lighting

Benefits of Commercial Led Lighting 

LED lights are cost effective. 

LEDs save users money in two key ways. The first benefit is self-evident: they are far more energy efficient than all other forms of lighting. Additionally, LEDs reduce maintenance expenses to practically nil by removing the need to replace bulbs during their rated lifespan and therefore avoiding disposal fees. 

LED lights have a longer life.

Life cycles of LEDs are measured in tens of thousands of hours, which is significantly longer than traditional lights. Unlike most other forms of lighting, such as HIDs or fluorescents, the light output remains stable across this time span.

LEDs are superior in terms of illumination.

LEDs provide light with a higher overall quality and precision. These lights provide superior color rendering, crisper focus, and greater ambient lighting, enhancing the aesthetic of your business and providing a better overall experience for customers and staff. 

LEDs create a more pleasant work atmosphere.

LED lighting eliminates glare and is less taxing on the eyes. As a result, company owners will discover that it promotes workplace efficiency and employee happiness. Additionally, the increased precision of these lights increases job safety through increased visibility. 

LEDs are simple to replace.

Queens LED Lighting experts, United Energy Solutions have made upgrading simple and efficient. Upgrades with Straits are simple, ranging from drop-in bulbs that fit with existing fixtures to full-on replacement fixtures. Often, these lights simplify installation by eliminating the need for ballasts or additional supporting equipment, as everything necessary to operate them is contained within the fixture.


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