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Whether you have a brand new business or you have a one that’s been around a while it’s best to stay up-to-date with the newest energy and light source available. If you have been seeing advertisements about it or heard from another business about having new energy installed, it’s intriguing, and your curiosity starts to build. You can take steps to ensure that you’re having your energy installed the right way.

1. Having an Energy Consultant Come to Your Business

The first step is to have our energy consultants come to your business to survey your space. They will look at your current light fixtures and your energy source. You will tell them what you’re looking to get out of a new energy source and what you think it will accomplish.

2. Project Coordinators Are Involved

The next step will involve project coordinators. They will look at the survey to see what the next steps are. During this process, they will determine the types of products they need to get the job done. The coordinators also want to make sure that your goals are met.

3. A Proposal has to be Sent

After the survey has been reviewed, a proposal is sent to you via email. The email will entail the cost, rebate amount, out-of-pocket expenses, savings, and how long it will take to recoup the savings. The proposal will also mention the amount of money new light fixtures would cost throughout your business.

4. The Approval Process

Once you have looked over the proposal and everything looks good to you, you can sign it. By signing the proposal, you give your authorization to the contractors to go ahead and begin the process. It is sent to your utility company, and they have to approve it as well. The approval process takes about 3-4 weeks.

5. The Installation Process

Now that everything has been approved, the contractor will pick a date that works best for the person in charge to come out and install your new energy. They will also dispose of all your old equipment safely after they have installed your new equipment.

6. Money is Collected

Next, you pay them per the agreement that you signed. Contractors will accept either check or bank transfers.

7. The Process is Completed

The last step is the completion of the work. The contractors have to submit a form of completion to the utility company letting them know the work is finished and ready to be inspected.


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