NYC Requiring Buildings Over 25,000 SQ FT To Get Graded On Efficiency

Local Law 33

New York City local law 33 requires buildings over 25,000 square feet in size must obtain a Building Energy Efficiency Rating each year. The rating labels, which include an A through D letter grade and the buildings’ energy star score, are to be displayed by October 31st each year. The Building Energy Efficiency Rating is the rating system set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is used to evaluate a buildings’ energy consumption, energy costs, and potential comfort level of tenants. 

The letter grade correlates to a scoring format set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Scoring is as follows:

Greater than 85 A

70 to 85 B

55 to 70 C

Less than 55 D

If the building didn’t submit the required information in time, it will be graded an F. There are certain exemptions to the law, and those buildings will have an N rating. 

What This Means For Tenants

Choosing to live in buildings with higher Building Energy Efficiency Ratings can help you live a more sustainable life. 70% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy used in buildings. By choosing a more energy-efficient building, a tenant can cut down on energy costs, and reduce their impact on the environment. 

What This Means For Building Owners

By working with programs like the NYC Accelerator Program to improve a buildings’ Energy Efficiency Rating, property owners can ensure their residents are comfortable, and also decrease the buildings’ operation costs. Many avenues assist building owners looking to improve their Building Energy Efficiency Rating.

The NYC Accelerator Program provides free technical advisory services. Con Edison and National Grid offer technical assistance, access to assistance resources, and financial assistance to those looking to improve their energy efficiency. In addition, the NYC Sustainability Help Center provides free training and support to help raise awareness with the tenants of the building. 

How They’re Rated

New York City local law 84, or the NYC Benchmarking Law, requires the building owners to annually measure energy and water consumption. This process is also known as benchmarking. The results are submitted, and the building is graded based on those results. The Building Energy Efficiency Rating is issued and must be displayed no later than October 31st of each year.


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