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established in 2017, is a leading energy supplier brokerage and LED lighting contractor in Northeast region of the United States. We have served over 2,000 facilities helping them to save energy cost as well as improving work environment using latest LED lighting technologies and deregulated energy supply chain.


Consider Eco-friendly Options

Commercial LED lighting is an excellent option as it uses recyclable and non-toxic materials while minimizing the heat. As more people shift towards protecting the environment, you should also play your part in accomplishing the mission in all possible ways.

Paying more attention to eco-friendly products plays a significant role in this journey. Consider the eco-friendly ones as you select a Long Island commercial LED lighting professional. Your care for the environment is also likely to attract more customers to you.


Color Temperature

The temperature in a room greatly depends on the lighting used. Light sources can easily be calm and warm. However, you can attain neutral, clear, and friendly categories with white light. Unknown to most people, color temperature is not primarily about the lamp’s amount of heat but rather its color level.

Lighting fixtures are considered cool when the Kelvin temperatures are high and warm when low. Cool lights have a higher contrast while warm lights have a lower difference which explains why they are visually appealing.

In addition to the above, the light layering and bulb sizes also influence the choice of commercial LED lighting. Don’t be too eager when buying this lighting; you’re likely to make mistakes and waste your money in the end. Without proper planning, you can quickly get unsuitable sizes, color temperatures, and designs while ignoring the budget. Instead, take your time, determine your needs and find what suits you best.

Reach out to our Long Island Commercial LED Lighting experts, United Energy Solutions if you need replacement and new installation services for LED lighting fixtures in your company. We proudly service Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island. New Jersey and other locations.

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